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    YONSEI: The Legacy of Japanese-American Incarceration

  • Forested scapes

    Forested scapes

    Today I met some folks at my wonderful hostel in Nagasaki and we tromped through the temples lining the mountains in the city. I’ve never seen anything like it– the graves and statues seem more like part of the forest itself than a man-made thing. As if nature is slowly reclaiming the dead. I also…

  • In Japan!

    In Japan!

    I had dreams of updating more regularly, but the reality is that I am a very sleepy human. I update my Instagram about twice a day, so that’s the most surefire way to see updates! Here is a photo of Takachiho Gorge, though. (I’ll refrain from the  pun [so difficult for me], and say it…

  • Tokyo Reading

    In case any of you are in the Tokyo area in the middle of April (ha!), I’ll be doing a reading at the International House of Japan, the organization that is hosting the NEA fellows.

  • Race, Art, and Activism

    Delighted to be able to discuss race and writing in this round table. Published in the Superstition Review. Write Between the Lines: Four Women Discuss Race, Art, and Activism

  • Writers Resist

    Was interviewed by the Chicago Reader after I spoke at a Writers Resist event in Logan Square: Other readers, including Doro Boehme of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and National Endowment for the Arts recipient Jami Nakamura Lin, committed their time onstage to recalling past horrors, domestically and abroad. Lin told the…

  • Fear the OG Nasty Woman

    Fear the OG Nasty Woman

    Some Yubaba for you all.

  • “The Sole Keeper”

    “The Sole Keeper”

    My newest piece of flash fiction can be found in [PANK] magazine. This piece was one of my 15-Minute Fairy Tales– I asked my friends and colleagues for five words and an image, and crafted a fairy tale using all of those items in fifteen minutes.

  • Tide going out.

    Tide going out.

    I have little over a week before I leave the farm, and one of our most exciting things is happening tomorrow– Straw Hat Wearin’ Artist Farmers: 2013 Resident Artist Show! (I also made some silly “business cards” to leave strategically around the gallery.) Our gallery opening is tomorrow, and the space is beautiful and open.…

  • Awesomesauce.


        Well, our heirloom tomatoes are bumper right now, so the obvious thing to do is make sauce with everything from the garden. First we collected a whole bunch of these guys, and some of the garlic that’s been drying in the barn. And some of the onions. So much crying in the kitchen…

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