jami nakamura lin


I am a Chicago-based writer currently working on The Sin-Eaters, a novel based on Japanese mythology and folklore. In 2016 I received a Creative Artists Fellowship from the National Endowment of the Arts and the Japan-U.S. Friendship Commission, which allowed me to research and write in Japan for four months.  Excerpts from The Sin-Eaters received an inaugural Walter Dean Myers Grant from We Need Diverse Books in 2015 and won a Sterling Watson MFA Fellowship from Writers in Paradise in 2017.

I received my MFA in creative nonfiction from the Pennsylvania State University, and my work has appeared or is forthcoming in the anthology What God is Honored Here? (University of Minnesota Press, October 2019), Library JournalPassages North, [PANK], The Baltimore Review, and other publications.

I frequently collaborate with my sister Cori Lin through our joint venture ROKUROKUBI.

Identity, Incarceration, and Legacy

How incarceration shaped a family across four generations–and how it affects their politics today. Learn more.

What We Feed Ourselves
Food, Acculturation, and “Authenticity”

How food changes based on the path it takes, whose tastes (and spice tolerances!) it is entertaining, and who is controlling the narrative and translation. Learn more.

Memory and Mythology

Essays and short stories about memory, mythology, identity and culture.


I’m available for freelance writing and editing. Let’s work together!

jami dot nakamura dot lin at gmail dot com