The Night Parade

The Dragon King (art by Cori Nakamura Lin)

essay collection

The Night Parade

My essay collection THE NIGHT PARADE draws on the Japanese myth of the hyakki-yagyo—the Night Parade of One Hundred Demons—to tell the braided stories of 1) my grief after my father’s illness/death and 2) my experience with bipolar disorder, driven by the question: how do we live beside the things that haunt us? These linked essays also reflect on other haunted topics: miscarriage, coronavirus, racism, and Japanese American incarceration, in order to investigate how what we fear shapes who we are.

Each essay uses a different yōkai (monster/spirit/creature of Japanese mythology and folklore) as a lens to interrogate a particular fear.

Essays in this collection have appeared or are forthcoming in the New York Times, Catapult, Airbnb Magazine, and What God is Honored Here? (University of Minnesota Press, 2019). Much of the research for this project was conducted through the Creative Artists’ Fellowship from the National Endowment of the Arts and the Japan-U.S. Friendship Commission, which allowed me to write and research in Japan for four months.