The Sin-Eaters

The Sin-Eaters is a novel based on Japanese legends and folklore.

Excerpts from The Sin-Eaters received an inaugural Walter Dean Myers Grant from We Need Diverse Books in 2015 and won a Sterling Watson MFA Fellowship from Writers in Paradise in 2017.

Bakekujira, the skeleton whale. Illustration by my sister, Cori Lin.

What We Feed Ourselves

What We Feed Ourselves is a multimedia project project on food, culture, and acculturation.With the help of four grant partners (the Minnesota State Arts BoardMetropolitan Regional Arts CouncilCity of Minneapolis Government, and the Twin Cities Local Initiatives Support Corporation), my sister Cori spent the last year interviewing five immigrant restaurant owners and illustrating their food–the food they cook for others and the food they cook for themselves. I edited food essays from five writers from the same cultures.

In WWFO, we attempt to investigate and interrogate the ways food changes based on the path it takes, based on whose tastes (and spice tolerances!) we are entertaining, and based on who is controlling the narrative and translation.

More on What We Feed Ourselves here.

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