Tide going out.

I have little over a week before I leave the farm, and one of our most exciting things is happening tomorrow– Straw Hat Wearin’ Artist Farmers: 2013 Resident Artist Show!


(I also made some silly “business cards” to leave strategically around the gallery.)

Our gallery opening is tomorrow, and the space is beautiful and open. Basically this would be my dream loft (second only to the fire station that Anne Hathaway inhabits in The Princess Diaries movie).

And up on the wall is a piece I created called “Tactiles.”


I love writing, but I wish I could touch it. Books are one thing, but now with e-readers and computers and whatnot, we’re even more distanced from our text. I like to poke things and smush things and open and close things.

Thus “Tactiles.” I had conceptualized a quilt, with writing instead of quilt squares. Each of these squares is a little door or window, if you will. You have to engage with the piece– open the door– before you can access the writing. Inside is a little hand-lettered blippet from an essay I’ve written in the past year.


The doors are collaged with paper flowers (all the paper is taken from my favorite book, A Tale of Two Cities) and little bits and bops of things that are tactile-ly (tactically? that doesn’t sound right) pleasing to me, like yarn.


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